Born into a family with a talented musical background, Ian Christopher was born to sing. At the age of six, he had the ability to capture any audience with his high tenor voice. At 10 years old, he made his debut at his primary school principal’s retirement ceremony, as a lead singer of a group of 50 children. Although, Ian joined the choir last, he was immediately selected as the lead singer after his audition. 

Carrying on his family legacy, Ian continued to spread the gospel through songs around his native country, Trinidad, until he auditioned and was awarded a recording contract with MO Records, a subsidiary of JMC Entertainment Inc. of New York. He was one of seven Trinidadian's chosen for the international audience. 

After migrating to the United States, the recording contract did not materialize and he was forced to pursue his dreams by other avenues such as a soloist at various functions, charities engagements, opening at sports events, sang at the International Day of Pray, and weddings around the world. In his determination to explore the music industry, Ian writes his own songs. Christopher joined the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir (BT) and sang with the 6-times Grammy Award winning choir for three years. At the BT he had the opportunity to be a backup singer for the Barnes Family, Crab Family, Donnie McClurkin, Babbie Mason, and Alvin Slaughter. In addition, he sang at the Billy Graham Greater New York Crusade. His passion for music has inspired people from all walks of life. Recently, he has founded Victory Tabernacle Ministries to continue spreading the word of God.  

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